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Iberian products from Extremadura

Cárdeno offers a wide range of Acorn-Fed Iberian Hams and Shoulder Hams, available with the following breed percentages: 100% Iberian, 75% Iberian and 50% Iberian.

All products come from free-range pigs fed sustainably on acorns and reared on our dehesa pastures.

We prepare Cárdeno Acorn-Fed Iberian Hams and Shoulder Hams using traditional methods from start to finish and they are one of the only Iberian hams considered 100% NATURAL as sea salt is the only added ingredient.
Our Acorn-Fed 100% Iberian Hams and Shoulder Hams are cured and aged during a slow process in our centuries-old natural bodegas. This natural process brings out the mycotic flora, which is essential for curing the meat. The Iberian Ham and Shoulder Ham curing and ageing process takes a minimum of two and a half years for a Cárdeno Shoulder Ham and over three years for a large Cárdeno Ham.

Discover its delicate, sweet flavour with a unique aroma and bouquet.

Hams and Shoulder Hams

Acorn-Fed 100% Iberian Ham

Price 247,50383,95

Hams and Shoulder Hams

Acorn-fed 100% Iberian Ham

Price 130,90177,10

Hams and Shoulder Hams

Acorn-Fed 75% Iberian Ham

Price 275,00434,36

Hams and Shoulder Hams

Acorn-Fed 75% Iberian Shoulder Ham

Price 89,00144,00
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