CÁRDENO Acorn-Fed 100% Iberian Ham boasts some very special characteristics:


Stylised piece with a slender leg, which confirms that it is 100% Iberian Pork.

Reared in the dehesa

A fluid layer of slightly oxidised fat, resulting from a diet rich in acorns, complimented with grass and other wild plants found in our dehesa pastures.

36 months

Our ham is cured for a minimum of three years in our centuries-old bodegas.

Flavour, aroma, bouquet

A sweet, delicate flavour with a characteristic aroma and bouquet: the outcome of just the right amount of salting and a slow ageing process, favoured by the area’s temperature, humidity and microclimate.

Ham experts

All of these factors come together as part of our traditional process, which could not be possible if it were not for our ham specialists, who boast experience, competence, intuition and sensitivity in handling our products.

100% natural

We must highlight how NATURAL our CÁRDENO ACORN-FED 100% IBERIAN HAM is. Firstly, because it is additive-free and secondly, thanks to its origin: it comes from pigs raised surrounded by nature, fed on acorns from holm oaks in a natural space, especially prepared for Iberian pigs and producing their unbeatable products.